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Things You Should Know

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Taxi Information

Taxi’s are available at the airport. Fees depend on number of passengers and luggage.
Most taxi’s rides are shared withother passengers. Please keep in mind that dropping off the other passengers will lengthen the time of the taxi trip. Look only for those taxes which carry a dome light with the letters TP on their license plate other taxes are not official license and official rates may not apply. 

Confirm the rate before getting in the taxi!


Car Rental Information

Many of our guests do not find the need to rent a car. Everything on the east end is a quick cab ride away and don’t have the need for the hassle or cost of a car rental.

If you do decide to rent a car, remember:

We drive on the left in the islands and second we drive standard American cars so the steering is on the left. It takes a little getting used to but just remind yourself Left, Left, Left.

The roads are winding, montaneous and besides a couple two lane roads in the downtown area, most all roads are one lane in each direction. 

The horn is used for friendly communication rather than road rage most of the time. A short single “beep” or double “beep, beep” means “thank you”, as in thanks for letting me into traffic. Sometimes the same quick honk might mean “hello” as a driver passes someone they know on the road. 

Keep an eye out for animals. It is fairly common to see chickens and cats everywhere. You may see goats, deers a horse or a cow, but not very often.


Ferry Information

Departure schedules can be subject to change or cancellations. Call ahead to check.

Red Hook to St. John (15-20 minute ride)

$7.00 one way, children under 12 $1.00 

Leaving Red Hook 6:30am and 7:30am then hourly 8am-midnight

Laving Cruz Bay hourly 6am-11pm (*$2.50 bag fee)


If you need more information on methods of transportation, please call us at 340-775-6000.